We are an independent consulting agency focused on solutions.

Member of the Romanian Lobbying Registry Association

What we do




Market entry services

for international companies looking to set up commercial presence in Romania. Offering support in providing tailored market reports, identification of relevant business contacts, country visit support.


Regular monitoring and update

regarding the economic and political environment. Comprehensive analysis of main developments and trends.


Legislative assessment

Ongoing monitoring of relevant legislation. Issuing of periodic legislative reports, tailored to customer’s needs.


Tailored support

on specific projects.


Consultancy and support

in drafting official documents, letters, position papers, strategy papers, business cases.


Stakeholder mapping and engagement strategy

based on topic in focus.



with organizing public debates, conferences, events, bilateral meetings – tailored to customer’s needs.


Strategic communications advice


Able to provide integrated solutions

by partnering with experienced team of consultants.

Why us

Senior specialized consultancy expertise
proven over time and recognized by stakeholders.

Wide range of contacts
based on solid expertise built over time

Thorough knowledge
of the Romanian political and business environment

Tailored support
specific to the customer’s needs. Ability to provide integrated solutions by partnering with team of senior consultants.

Core principles
ethics, integrity and high professionalism

About us

Violeta Pãtru is the founder of IQLEX Consulting. She is a seasoned professional, with over 18 years of combined expertise in the public and private sectors. She has worked for the Romanian public administration (Ministry of Economy and Trade) and the British Embassy in Bucharest. Her civil servant career is doubled by a thorough business experience developed during her 10 years spent with the pharmaceutical industry. Whilst active in the private sector, she held senior roles, leading complex business units, as well as Policy & Access teams. Skilled in Government Affairs, Negotiation, International Business, Strategy.

Our clients

  • International companies (EU and non-EU)

    healthcare related companies

  • Romanian based organisations

    business associations, healthcare companies, financial services companies

Let’s work together
to build something great.